Natural Gas Engine & Pump
OEM Remanufacturing & Repair

PEP Puts it All Together. Quickly—Accurately—Carefully.

oem natural gas engine and pump remanufacturing and repair

At Production Engine & Pump our natural gas engine and pump OEM remanufaturing and repair has earned us our reputation for restoring engines and pumps to the highest of standards.

Each engine or pump to be remanufactured is completely disassembled to the bare components and put through a chemical hot vat to strip all grease and paint. Each component is inspected for wear and damage beyond the manufacturer's recommended specs. Items over the limits are machined back to standards or replaced.

The engine or pump is reassembled under strict guidelines. The engine is trimmed out with new safety gauges, radiator, exhaust flange, muffler and oil filter, and serviced with oil and antifreeze. Finally, the remanufactured engines and pumps are thoroughly tested. Any necessary adjustments are made before a Quality Control supervisor signs off on the completed job.

Natural Gas Engines

Salt Water Pump & Parts

  • FMC pumps & parts
  • Wheatly pumps & parts
  • Gaso pumps & parts
  • National pumps & parts
  • Coors Tech plungers / values / packing
  • Triangle plungers / vales / packings
  • Gates belts & hoses

Engine Accessories

  • Twin Disc clutches & parts
  • Arrow chemical pumps & parts
  • Safety Seal piston rings
  • Impco carburetors & parts
  • Champion spark plugs
  • Stitt spark plugs
  • Wix oil filters & adaptors
  • Fram oil filters & adaptors
  • Fisher gas regulators & controls
  • Pumpers Friend thermo radiators
  • Electric motors (all brands)
  • New gas engine volume tanks
  • Donaldson & Universal mufflers

Ignition Systems

  • Sure-fire ignition systems
  • American Bosch magneto parts
  • Fairbanks Morse magneto parts
  • Altronic ignition & controls

Production Engine Exchange Program

  • Cylinder heads (all models above)
  • Clutches (all models above)
  • Water pumps (all models above)
  • Governors (all models above)
  • Electric starters (all models above)
  • Magnetos (all models above)

Safety Gauges / Controls

  • Murphy safety switches
  • Kenco oil controllers
  • Progressive lubricators & parts

“Exchange Waukesha VRG Thru 1197 Gas Engines”
Shipping daily on UPS and all common carriers.