New, Refurbished, Remanufactured & Rebuilt
Ajax Engines

Production Engine & Pump offers new, refurbished, remanufactured and rebuilt Ajax engines. Our Ajax engines feature proven design and construction features that ensure dependable operation and continuous service.

Ajax Overhaul

ajax engine before being refurbished
ajax engine being rebuilt
remanufactured ajax engine
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  1. Two-cycle design eliminates troublesome valves, rocker arms, tappets, push rods and cams. Ajax design features include a power stroke every revolution, slow speed, low BMEP and port scavenging.
  2. Automatic lubricator force feeds lubrication to power cylinders. Oil level gauge, automatic fill valve and low oil level shutdown are standard.
  3. Heavy-duty governor provides constant speed operation. Overspeed shutdown switch is standard. Pneumatic governor operator available for speed and capacity control.
  4. Hydraulic fuel injection system is standard on DP-125 and DP-165 and optional on EA-30 thru DP-81. Positive pressure injection yields up to 35 percent in fuel savings.
  5. Thermo-syphon cooling provides optimum cylinder cooling in a closed system without the use of a thermostatic bypass valve and water pump. High engine jacket water temperature shutdown is standard on all units. A hydrogen sulphide corrosion resistant radiator is optional.
  6. Splash lubrication system provides lubrication to crossheads, crosshead pin bearings and crankpin bearings. The crankcase is sealed from products of combustion, reducing oil changes to one year intervals. Eliminates the requirements for a troublesome oil pump, cooler and filter. Crankcase oil level gauge, automatic fill valve and low oil level shutdown are standard.
  7. Oil bath air filters eliminate frequent cleaning and replacement. Oversize design allows extra long service in difficult atmospheres.
  8. High reliability altronic ignition system features only one moving part, the alternator, which runs on sealed ball bearings. This component eliminates the magneto and breaker points. The units are timed at the factory and no further adjustments are necessary.
  9. Tapered roller bearings are double row and sized above the load carrying ability actually required.
  10. Closed die forged components including crankshaft and connecting rods are forged from high alloy steel imprecision pies.
  11. Crosshead guide absorbs thrust vectors and precludes misalignment.
  12. Rugged construction assures long life with low maintenance. Compare our ten and twenty year overhauls to annual and semi-annual overhauls on high speed multi-cylinder engines.
  13. Air/gas starting equipment is standard on DP-60 thru DP-165 and optional on EA-22 thru EA-42. Electric starting is optional on EA-22 thru DP-81.
  14. Clutch power take-off is oversized for extended life and standard on all units.
Ajax Oilfield Engines
Model Number of Cylinders Bore x Stroke Inches (MM) Displacement cu. in. (Liters) B.H.P. B.M.E.P.P.S.I. R.P.M. Min. - Max. Piston Speed Ft./Min. Weight Lbs. (KG)
DP-165 1 15x16 (381x406) 2827 (46.33) 165 64.2 200-360 960 13980 (6347)
DP-125 1 13¼x16 (337x406) 2206 (36.15) 125 62.3 200-360 960 13530 (6143)
DP-81 1 10½x12 (267x305) 1039 (17.08) 81 65.0 200-475 950 6400 (2903)
DP-60 1 9½x12 (241x.58305) 850 (13.96) 60 58.8 200-475 950 6195 (2813)
E-42 1 8½x10 (216x254) 567 (9.29) 42 55.8 300-525 875 4320 (1961)
EA-30 1 7¼x8 (184x203) 330 (5.41) 30 55.3 350-650 867 2950 (1340)
EA-22 1 6½x8 (165x203) 265 (4.34) 22 50.5 350-650 867 2900 (1317)