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Production Engine & Pump is your premier source for remanufactured natural gas engines and pumps. Our natural gas engine and pump remanufacturing services are unparalleled in the industry. Our remanufacturing process is detailed below to show you our level of detail and thoroughness in servicing your remanufactured natural gas engines and pumps.

Engine & Pump Remanufacturing Process:

  1. Each engine is completely disassembled down to bare crankcase, and all components run thru a hot chemical vat to strip down to base metal.
  2. Crankshaft is sent out for magna-fluxing and machine work back to within factory specifications.
  3. Crankcase (block). All cylinder studs removed as to inspect for cracks in cast iron. Should crack appear, block is sent to Big State Grinding for extensive welding and machine work to repair. Then each block is white epoxy painted to prevent rust and ease of oil changes.
  4. Camshaft assembly is completely disassembled, camshaft itself checked for wear, all oil holes cleaned thoroughly.
  5. Oil pump removed from camshaft assembly and pressure tested. If fails, it is replaced with new.
  6. Cylinder head is heat pressure tested for cracks, replaced if needed and receives new valves, guides and valve seats as needed.
  7. Piston assembly bead blasted to strip clean, new piston pin bushing pressed in and machine fitted to new piston pin, then new piston rings installed.
  8. Governor assembly disassembled and new governor kit installed along with new governor spring and set speed to factory guidelines.
  9. Clutch assembly (PTO) disassembled completely (main shaft inspected for wear and machine work done or replaced as needed) New main bearings, grease hose, clutch plates and pilot bearing installed.
  10. Cylinder liner is bead blasted, inspected for ear beyond factory tolerance, honed to fit and normally replaced. Cylinder head stud threads are retapped and studs installed. Install cylinder and bolt head to block to seat cylinder in block.
  11. Rebuilt camshaft assembly installed in block and new flex oil lines and fittings installed.
  12. New spin-on oil filter adaptor installed and oil lines plumbed in.
  13. Water tank (hopper) all thread holes retapped "26" and or helix-coiled. Radiator to hopper planed for correct surface and fit. Installed on block with new hopper studs.
  14. Connecting rod inspected for wear and straightness, install piston assembly on rod and install in cylinder.
  15. Crankshaft after checking main bearing and rod bearing clearances replace bearings as needed should they not be within factory recommended specs. Install crankshaft assembly in block and put timing gears in proper time. Install new main bearing shims and oil seals.
  16. Connecting rod assembly to crankshaft install new rod bearing shims and torque to spec. Install new oil line to crankshaft slinger.
  17. Install the remanufactured governor, install new Pumpers Friend Thermo Radiator, install new Sure Fire ignition system.
  18. Cylinder head torque to spec, install remanufactured rocker arm assembly, set valves, install new muffler and new Murphy oil pressure and water level gauges. Install new or remanufactured Impco carburetor and set linkage rod with new throttle ends to factory guidelines.
  19. Install inner flywheel on crankshaft, install new fan belt, new fan hub, fan and belt guards.
  20. Install the remanufactured clutch with new pilot bearing. Install large flywheel and starter ring gear (if applies) and torque to spec. Install timing magnets on large flywheel.
  21. Fill engine with oil and antifreeze. Install new spark plug and wires, install wire, wrap around all wires and silicon any exposed terminals.
  22. Start engine and run out for four (4) hours while monitoring any problems that may arise. Retorque cylinder head, reset intake and exhaust valves, check ignition timing with light to insure proper timing.
  23. Engine is cleaned off and painted to customers paint choice, PEP metal tag with date, mechanics name and serial number installed.
  24. Install new oil filter and improved PVC valve cover breather system.

Production Engine and Pump has been building quality engines since 1981 and stands behind each and every one. We warranty each remanufactured engine anywhere in the Continental United States for a period of six (6) months parts and labor as explained in our warranty policy.

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