Pump & Natural Gas Engine Repair
& Remanufacturing Services

pump and natural gas engine repair and remanufacturing services brochure image

We've Built Our Reputation on Remanufacturing Natural Gas Engines and Pumps to OEM Specifications.

Our natural gas engine and pump remanufacturing and repair services begin with each product being completely disassembled to the bare components and put through a chemical hot vat to strip all grease and paint. Each component is inspected for wear and damage beyond the manufacturer's recommended specs. Items over the limits are machined back to standards or replaced.

The engine or pump is reassembled under strict guidelines. The engine is trimmed out with new safety gauges, radiator, exhaust flange, muffler and oil filter, and serviced with oil and antifreeze.

Finally, the remanufactured engines and pumps are thoroughly tested. Any necessary adjustments are made before a Quality Control supervisor signs off on the completed job.

Pump & Natural Gas Engine Part Exchange Program

We offer a comprehensive pump and natural gas engine part exchange program to further minimize downtime and cost. For example, cylinder heads, clutches, governors, ignition systems and cylinders of major brands can often be exchanged.

For compressor customers who can't wait for an overhaul, we provide a Waukesha engine exchange program to keep their operation on-line. And, Gemini compressor and engine parts are always in stock.

No job is too small at PEP. We ship daily on UPS, Motor Freight or Express, because we know what one lost day of production can cost.

PEP's computerized parts inventory and order program assure quick access to name brand parts and shipment to your destination.