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Arrow Engines

Whether you're looking for new, refurbished, remanufactured or rebuilt Arrow engines, Production Engine & Pump has what you're looking for.

VRG Series Engines

arrow engines, vrg series engines
  • Most popular ignition systems available
  • Capable of operating on most spark-ignited fuels
  • Gasoline carburetion or demand regulator for gaseous fuel
  • More than 40 years history of operating on natural and well head gas
  • Aftercooling featured on VRG330TA

VRG Series Specifications. Click on the engine model you want more information about: VRG220 / VRG330

Outstanding Features

  • Vertical in-line adjustable fan bracket
  • 4 groove crankshaft pulley; 2 groove fan; 1 groove water pump; 4th groove auxiliary
  • Flywheel - SAE no. 3 w/ring gear and SAE no. 3 housing
  • Lifting eyes - front and rear
  • Full Pressure lube oil system with full flow oil filter
  • Exhaust manifold with top or rear outlets
  • 10% regulated speed by mechanical governor - other governor options available
  • Heavy-duty, deep skirted crankcases
  • Forged steel, dynamically balanced, counterweighted crankshafts with hardened journals
  • Forged steel connecting rods
  • Seven main bearings
  • Replaceable precision main and rod bearings
  • Overhead valve cylinder heads with replaceable

Other Outstanding Features

Consult factory for your requirements
Brake horsepower deductions for altitude and temperature

NA engines - deduct 3% for each 1000' (305m) above 1500' (457m) (continuous duty), or above 500' (152m) (intermittent duty).
Deduct 1% for every 10°F. (6°C.) above 100°F (38°C.) (continuous duty), or above 85°F. (intermittent duty).
Deduct 1% per 10°F. (5.5°C) above 100°F. (38°C) (continuous duty), 1% per 10°F. (5.5°C) above 85°F. (29°C). (intermittent duty).
Intermittent Rating (I):
The highest load and speed that can be applied under specific conditions of varying load and/or speed.
Continuous Rating (C):
The load and speed that can be applied without interruption except for normal maintenance.

All ratings corrected to 500' (152 m) altitude, 29.38" (746 mm) Hg. and temperature of 85° F. (29° C.). Natural gas ratings are based on use of 900 BTU (33.5 J/cm3) LHV gas. HD-5 propane ratings are based on use of 2335 BTU (87 J/cm3) LHV fuel.

Arrow “Engineered” Improvements

Improvements to the VRG220/VRG330 engines after Arrow acquired the line in November 1993 include:

  • 3 O-ring liner
  • Tapered camshaft lobes
  • Crankcase with modified liner sealing area and modified coolant passage
  • More rigid, heavy-duty rear crank seal retainer
  • Stronger magneto drive gear
  • Materials and processes in cylinder head casting
  • Governor, air cleaner, and instrumentation options
  • High efficiency, heavy-duty radiator
  • Self de-aerating cooling system
  • GenSets up to 65 Kw
  • 10:1 compression ratio configuration
  • TA (Turbocharged/Aftercooled) version
  • High-temp fuse plugs to monitor coolant status
  • Newly designed valve guides and guide seals

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C Series 4-Cycle Engines

Click here for more information: C Series Specifications


Continuous Duty

Arrow engines are designed for continuous duty 24 hours a day, day after day. Dependable performance when you need it. Arrow's heavy duty design features a heavy flywheel, a governor speed control, and a pressurized full flow lubrication system to assure continuous operation.

Oilfield Tough

Over 75,000 Arrow engines are powering pumping jacks in oilfields from the frozen tundra's of Canada, to the mountains of South America; from the deserts of the Middle East, to the jungles of Indonesia. Many of the original engines built in the 1940's are still running today. Tough means they work harder, longer.

Gas Fueled

Arrow engines run on a variety of low BTU gases; natural gas, wellhead gas, methane, butane or propane. Whether in remote jungles or in civilization, locally available gas fuel frequently costs much less than bringing in liquid fuel or electric power. The single cylinder Arrow engines can also be equipped with a fuel lift pump and will operate on gasoline.

Economical Operation

Studies performed in the U.S. have shown that operating costs for Arrow engines can be as low as half the cost for equivalent HP electric motors. Since every area is different, you owe it to yourself to compare the costs in your area.

Easy Maintenance

Arrow engines are designed for easy, quick field maintenance. The oil level can be checked and adjusted while the engine is running. Easy access enables replacing piston rings and wet cylinder sleeves* in the field; and Arrow parts are interchangeable from the first model made. Ignition-Starfire Solid State Ignition Systems are standard for Single Cylinder engines and optional on Twin Cylinder engines. Also available as options are high tension or solid state magnetos, or Altronic ignition systems.

Arrow “Engineered” Improvements

Improvements to the Heavy-Duty C-Series Engines since May 1977 (most all are retrofitable to earlier models using current kits):

  • Heavy steel fabricated sub-base
  • Full flow oil system with spin-on filter
  • A mounting pin for Arrow 990
  • Portable starter added to sub-base
  • Bronze crankshaft gears for C-46 through C-106
  • Arrow oil filler added to engine (ASP-1)
  • O-ring modified rocker shaft plugs
  • Reliable stainless steel braided oil lines
  • Ball rod ends standard on all Arrow engine models
  • Stainless steel water filler added as standard (ASP-3A)
  • Vibration-free cross braced radiator shells
  • Common muffler made standard on C-Series engines
  • Lifting eyes added to facilitate engine handling
  • Newly increased engine horsepower with the change to Impco 100 and 200 carburetors
  • All Arrow Engines are either electric 12-volt ring gear starting or blow down air-gas starting systems
  • Added instrument panel to house starter switch, cannon receptacle, oil pressure gauge and shut down
  • Cylinder heads modified to accept Impco carburetors without using cross flange adapter
  • Improved ring gear starter mounting on new flywheel (eliminated separate ring gear carrier)
  • Added QD hub to flywheel for safety in de-mounting
  • Latest trochoidal oil pumps standard
  • Oil pressure bypass valve included in oil pump assembly
  • Optional renewable oil filter available
  • A wiring harness is used to combat weather hazards
  • Optional cover for Arrow electric starter motor available (prevents water from damaging starter motor)
  • Starfire ignition is standard (C.D.I. for long life) and operates in the rain
  • Redesigned breather system to improve crankcase ventilation and reduce emissions of crankcase vapors into the atmosphere (244BC)
  • Solderless pressure condensing radiators with steel top tanks, bottom headers and replaceable
  • Cores made standard on C-46 through C-106 - optional on C-255

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A Series Engines

Click here to view the individual features for A-42, A-54, and A-62 models.

Parts Only VR 220 4 Cylinder  
A32   3 Cylinder 17.5-22
A42 VR 260 4 Cylinder 24-47
A54 VR 330 6 Cylinder 26-68
A54 Crossflow VR 330 6 Cylinder 35-72
A62 VR 380 6 Cylinder 40-80
A90   6 Cylinder 57-109


arrow engines, vrg series engines

Our A-Series line of multi-cylinder engines can accommodate a variety of applications, both common and unusual. A-Series engines are available in turbo and cross-flow configured intake and exhaust manifolds. These precision engineered and time-tested engines are as dependable as they are versatile. The RPM runs between 900 and 1,800, with HP from 17.5-109.

Power Units

These engine can also be packaged as power units with everything your needs require. They are perfect for rotational pumping units, hydraulic pumping units, hydraulic skids for PC pumps or for any form of artificial life where power is needed.


Other Outstanding Features

NA engines - Deduct 3% for each 1000' (305m) above 1500' (457m) (Continuous duty), or above 500 (152m) (intermittent duty).

VRG330TA - Deduct 3% per 1000' (305m) above 3000' (914m) (Continuous duty), 3% for each 1000' (305m) above 1500' (457m) (intermittent duty).

Deduct 1% for every 10°F (6°C) above 100°F (38°C) (Continuous duty), or above 85°F (29°C) (intermittent duty).

VRG330TA - Deduct 1% for every 10°F (5.5°C) above 100°F (38°C)(Continuous duty), 1% per 10°F (5.5°C) above 85°F (29°C) (intermittent duty).


All ratings corrected to 500' (152m) altitude, 29.38" (746mm) Hg. and temperature of 85°F (29°C). Natural gas ratings are based on use of 900 BTU (33.5 J/cm³) LHV gas. HD-5 propane ratings are based on use of 2335 BTU.

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