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Waukesha Engines

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WAUKESHA MODEL F817 — 69 to 190 BHP

Click here for power rating chart: Waukesha 817 Engine ratings

Waukesha Overhaul

waukesha engine before being refurbished
waukesha engine while being remanufactured
rebuilt waukesha engine
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Design Features

  • Breather - Open System
  • Crankcase - Integral with cylinder frame. Seven large diameter main bearings.
  • Crankshaft - Forged steel with hardened journals, dynamically balanced.
  • Cylinder heads - Two interchangeable valve-in-head type with satellite faced exhaust valves and exhaust valve seat inserts.
  • Connecting Rods - Drop forged alloy steel, rifle drilled fro piston pin lubrication.
  • Cylinders - Replaceable wet cylinder liners of centrifugally cast alloy iron.
  • Engine Rotation - Counterclockwise when facing flywheel.
  • Pistons - Aluminum alloy, oil cooled with full floating piston pin.

Standard Equipment

Air Induction System
Air cleaner - Oil bath air cleaner
Control System
Governor - Waukesha built-in centrifugal design.
Exhaust Systems
Dry exhaust manifold with threaded flange connections for 3” (76 mm) clutch. Flywheel housing - SAE No. 0, foot type.
Fuel System
Updraft carburetor with 2” (51mm) NPT inlet.
Ignition System
Semi-low tension magneto and cables. One spark plug per cylinder.
Engine-mounted ignition switch, water temperature and oil pressure gauges.
Lubrication System
Full pressure system with high-capacity gear- type pump, shunt oil filter and rear sump.
Water Circulation System
Belt driven jacket water pump with thermostatically controlled full flow bypass cooling circuit.


  • Ignition - Solid state.
  • Fuel System - Optional carburetors, regulators and solenoid valves for multi-fuel systems.
  • Instruments - Vacuum gauge, lube, oil temperature gauge, ammeter, tachometer, hourmeter.


Number of Cylinders Inline 6
Piston Displacement 817 in3 (13.31)
Bore & Stroke 5.375” x 6” (137 x 152 mm)
Compression Ratio Standard 9:1
Optional 7.2:1
Jacket Water System Capacity 10 gal. (381)
Crankshaft Pulley Five grooves; OD 8.31" (211 mm)
Starting System 125-150 psi air/gas; 12V electric
Governor Centrifugal
Dry Weight 2780 lb. (1260 kg)

MODEL F1197 G — 101 to 255 BHP

Click here for power rating chart: Waukesha 1197 Engine ratings

Standard Equipment

  • Engine - 6 cylinder, inline overhead valve, 4-Cycle gas engine.
  • Air Cleaner - Oil bath type.
  • Barring Device
  • Carburetor - Natural gas, 2½” (64 mm) updraft.
  • Connecting Rods - Drop forged steel, rifle drilled.
  • Crankshaft - Forged steel, dynamically balanced.
  • Cylinder Heads - Interchangeable front or rear, valve-in-head type. Stellite face exhaust valve seat inserts.
  • Engine Rotation - Counterclockwise with facing flywheel.
  • Flywheel Housing - Foot type No. 0 SAE.
  • Governor - Centrifugal type.
  • Ignition - Low- tension magneto.
  • Instrument Panel - Engine mounted, including ignition switch, safety switches; vacuum, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature gauges.
  • Lubrication - Full pressure gear pump. Full flow oil filter.
  • Manifolds - Exhaust, water cooled. Intake, cold updraft.
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil Pan - Automotive, rear sump.
  • Pistons - Aluminum with floating pin.
  • Safety Shutdown - Low oil pressure and high water temperature cutoff switches. Mechanical fuel shutoff valve, Manual reset type.
  • Vibration Damper - Guard when required.
  • Water Circulating System - Gear driven water circulating pump.


  • Air Cleaner - Oil bath with precleaner.
  • Emission Controls - Catalytic converter.
  • Fuel System - Equipment for natural gas sewage gas and HD-5 propane operation. Dual fuel equipment.
  • Ignition - Solid-state ignition system.
  • Instruments - Ammeter, tachometer, hourmeter.
  • Pistons - For 9 to 1 compression ratio.

Principal Engine Data

Model F1197GU Naturally Aspirated
6 Cylinder Gas Engine

Piston Displacement 1197 in3 (20 liters)
Bore & Stroke 6.25" x 6.5" (159 x 165 mm)
Peak Intermittent Torque @ 800 rpm 814 ft. lb. (1104 N·m)
Lube Oil System, Capacity 12 gal. (45 liters), including filter
Jacket Water System, Capacity 12 gal. (45 liters), engine only
Dry Weight, approximate 4200lb. (1907 kg)