Natural Gas Emission Controls

Production Engine & Pump offers gaseous fuel carburetors manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the industry. By controlling the air/fuel mixture in the engine, the carburetors can improve engine performance, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and extend the product life of the engine. We offer rich burn and lean burn electronic gas carburetors.

Rich burn carburetors provide fast and accurate air/fuel ratio control to allow maximum control over the level of emissions. Fuel mixtures can be maintained at levels close to stochiometric with standard products. Optional 3-way catalysts can bring emissions below 0.1g/hphr. Electronic governors can be integrated with the carburetor to provide improved control of the engine speed and air fuel ratio controllers.

Lean burn carburetors produce higher fuel efficiency with lower emissions than rich burn applications without using a catalyst. Emissions between 1-2g/bhphr are possible without the use of catalysts, based on 30-35% excess air in the intake flow. Gas engines with more than 4% oxygen in the exhaust are considered to be running lean.

  • The engine must be able to generate excess air to provide a lean air/fuel ratio

  • The ignition must be calibrated to ignite a lean mixture

  • The carburetor must be able to process the higher ratio of unburned oxygen in the exhaust

  • Horsepower may be reduced, so the engine overhead will need to be increased

  • Catalysts can be added to further reduce emissions if needed

Lean burn engines run cooler than rich burn engines as the excess air in the exhaust carries away the heat. The cooler running temperatures extend engine life and reduce emissions.

Features available in our gas carburetors include:

  • Full engine controls to monitor air/fuel ratios, injection pressure, temperature, and emissions and make adjustments to keep the engine running efficiently

  • Variable power supplies

  • Full data monitoring and on board diagnostics

  • Easy integration with existing equipment for seamless operation

Our expert staff are available to work with you to develop a custom solution for your gas engine application. Call today to see how we can help you meet your specific needs.